I use my feelings and experiences to shape my art. Nature is very impactful to my work, and color selection.  I consider nature to be so beautiful because it is raw. Objects in nature are not meticulously placed down. Leaves fall where they fall, and this is what I believe makes nature so glorious.  I strive for my art to have the same beauty as staring into dense woods.  First seeing the trees closest to you, yet still having sight into the depths, giving you the ability to notice smaller details in the background. By using abstraction I hope to evoke the emotions of my viewers personal experiences with nature.  For example, feeling sunlight on your skin, or the breeze passing by.  My style encompasses inspiration from Arists like Gerhard Richter, David Reed, Mark Rothko and Bernard Frize.  I feel these artists incorporate a similar idea of organic arrangement into their works.  To produce an organic image I use a combination of color, layer, and texture. Colors fluctuate layer by layer, just as light can alter a color.  The appearance of light is created by the use of layering and



transparency, which creates a pull.  Different layers are applied with varying tools and techniques which provides a unique visual texture.  Texture promotes the work to have an organic feel, as well as creates depth on a flat surface.  This depth gives the work a picturesque-like quality.  Color choices are inspired by personal emotion and memory, and nature in its raw state.  I hope for these color selections to stimulate a connection between the viewers, and artwork.  My paintings are closely representative of the natural world, my own personal feelings, and past experiences.  In regards to process, I feel my involvement in the artwork during the time of creation plays a role of what, and how nature is represented.  My work strongly embodies how the viewer connects to color, light, movement, and the overall feeling the painting can uniquely portray, based on their own experiences.